Mobile App Development Company in Jaipur  

  • tickWe are one of the leading mobile application development companies with cutting-edge technology providing next-generation apps including two dominant platforms.
  • tickOne is iOS by Apple and another is Android by Google.
  • tickOur professional and highly-experienced team of mobile application developers develops a result-oriented application that runs fluidly on respected devices and platforms.
  • tickHowever, we also render other major mobile applications some of them are mentioned below:

 Native Mobile Applications

  • tickNative mobile applications are built for a specific mobile operating system like iOS and Android.
  • tickThis type of application can only be downloaded from app stores (Google store, Apple store) to mobile devices and these specific operating systems provide developers with their developing tools such as SDK (Software development kit) and IDE (Integrated development background). 
  • tickOur professional team of mobile app developers creates applications on the Android operating system where JAVA and Kotlin programming language is used likewise, android provides tools like Android development kit and Android SDK. Similarly, iOS created by Apple Inc.
  • tickhave programming languages including Objective-C or Swift for native iOS app development.  
  • tickWe render services in native script including- Native script web development, Native scrip mobile app development, Native script plugin development, and a lot more.

Cross platforms application

  • tickCross platforms applications enable us to develop Android and iOS-friendly applications that act as one solution to all problems of different operating systems.
  • tickMoreover, it provides faster, safer, and better quality with a single code program which allows the application to run on different platforms.  

Mobile application development entails two parts, one is a front-end development and another is back-end development.


Front-end mobile application development 

Front-end mobile application development is a visual, graphic side of the application where clients or viewers experience the application on mobile screens. It is also known as ‘client-side’ programming where clients interact with the mobile application. We have expertise in all kinds of front-end languages among which the most common ones are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. 


Back-end mobile application development

Back-end mobile application development is developing behind the scene features of the application, also known as ‘server-side’ programming. It ensures that the system works smoothly and effectively to make sure the front-end works without any hindrance. Generally, PHP, .Net, Python, Ruby, Java.