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What is Instagram marketing

What is Instagram Marketing? 10 proven tips & Hacks for Instagram Marketing.

What is Instagram marketing

Instagram marketing is one of the subtypes of social media marketing, which includes promoting a brand or service on Instagram. This platform assists the big brands to connect with a large audience, increase the awareness of the brand and increase their sales.

Why is Instagram marketing important for your business?

Instagram is one of the best channels to reach a wider range of audiences. Over 1 billion active users monthly spend 53 minutes of the day on Instagram which makes Instagram the second most visited social media platform after Facebook.

Instagram helps brands to maintain their relationship with customers and prospects. People love to be connected with the updates of the brand through Instagram. The fact is that 90% of users follow at least one big brand on InstagramWhatever type of content you choose, make it beautiful, eye-catching, and of high quality. To help you understand the best visual style, we've collected some data from popular Instagram images:

Blueish images receive 29% more 

Light tones receive 24% more likes than dark tones.

likes than red images.

Users prefer pictures with a high level of texture by 79%..

Now let's come to the different point which makes Instagram's selling acceleration opportunities. Based on Facebook research held in 2019, 65% of the people visited the brand's website or app after seeing it on InSet your goals stagram. 46 % of those polled purchased a brand, whether online or offline.
Access to a large audience that actively interacts with brands and wants to purchase from them is a key benefit of Instagram marketing. This social network, on the other hand, has several other advantages. Some of them are as follows:-

  • Brand strengthening

  • Improved engagement

  • Enlarged sales

  • Audience Growth opportunities

From the past few years, Instagram has developed from being a place for flexing wealth or achievements to a helpful platform for business purposes. There are 4 four ways through which Instagram can affect your business. A detailed description is given below.

Brand strengthening

Instagram marketing strengthens the brand. 83% of the users say that Instagram helps them to find new products or services. Most people trust the brand whose existence is there on Instagram.
74% of users believe brands with Instagram accounts are relevant and 78% understand them as popular. Moreover, the brands which do not have an existence on Instagram are mostly avoided by the common users.

Improved enlargement

Nowadays social media is the best channel to maintain the relationships between customers and sellers. It helps you to get instant feedback from the targeted audience through likes, comments, or messages. It also allows you to keep engaging them with eye captivating content and make them aware of the special offers and more.
Instagram performs better for customer engagement in comparison to other social platforms. Normally a photo gets 23% more likes on Instagram as compared to a post on Facebook.

Enlarged sales

We are familiar with this thing that the Instagram audience does purchase willingly. The buying audience is large- 11 % of social media users in the United States purchase from Instagram.

Knowing this speciality, Instagram allows most businesses to make more customers there. Instagram offers a durable set of tools that permit users to shop directly from Instagram. Businesses can provide a direct purchase or product link to Instagram stories, shopping tags, ads, and more.

Audience growth opportunities

Instagram expands the reach of your business by allowing you to precisely define your target audience. Because of the Instagram ads manager's targeting options, this seems so easy. You can use it to target the most appropriate audience based on demographic information, interests, behavior, and other factors.

Even better, the Instagram ads manager gives you strong retargeting options. When targeting and retargeting are combined, you can not only drive more qualified Instagram leads, but also effectively nudge leads from other channels down the sales funnel.
The analytics tool in Instagram allows you to calculate ad performance. You can easily check many more things like outreach, total campaign spending, the number of purchases, cost per purchase, conversion, and more.
Every marketing platform needs to be designed well with a full strategy to get the best results for your business. If you want to know the best strategy for Instagram marketing keep reading till the end  we'll let you know some strategies of Instagram marketing which will provide maximum value to you.

Top 10 Best Instagram marketing Hacks & Strategies 

1. Set your goals 

Begin by setting goals for your Instagram marketing strategy. Everything you do on Instagram, from defining your content formats to utilizing advertisement mechanics, will be guided by your goals. Your objectives should be in line with your company requirements. Make sure your goals are specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely for maximum efficiency.

2.  Define your target audience

Determining your audience is a necessary step; if you skip it, all of your efforts to achieve business objectives will be useless. Generate a buyer persona as a pro tip here. A major mistake to avoid here is creating an imaginary persona. Instead of guesswork, use a data-driven approach. You can check the Instagram hashtags related to your business.

Examine the profiles that use these hashtags more. Then try to learn more about the people who interact with these accounts like what reaction they share, what comments they leave, and what they like and dislike about profiles.

3.   Analyze your Competitors

Explore the profiles of your competitors to gain a better understanding of Instagram marketing. Find who they are, what kind of content they post, and how they interact with their audience as well as other brands or influencers. You can also look into your competitors' branded hashtags to see how popular they are. Focus not only on successful tactics but also on what your competitors may be overlooking. This will assist you in developing effective and unusual brand promotion strategies.

4. Get an Instagram business account  

Instagram provides two types of accounts to its users: personal and business. A business account provides you with significantly more benefits and opportunities. For example, you can track your performance in real-time, learn more about the behavior of your followers, add information about your company, and much more.

5. Design your content

Content is king on social media, especially on Instagram, where users are selective about both the visual and text components. As a result, the platform offers a wide range of content formats and opportunities to engage the audience.

Begin by developing the main theme and message you want to convey. You can choose to highlight your products, focus on your company's culture, or entertain your customers.

6. Choose content format

The next step is to choose which format of the content is to use to leverage your objective. You have many options to choose from for your content like photos, short videos, slow motion, reels, and IGTV videos. Keep it in mind that in comparison to videos 27.55% of likes are more on photos but both of them get equal numbers of comments. However, it may not work for you the same way so choose different formats and check engagement statistics.

7.  Build a consistent aesthetic

Whatever type of content you choose, make it beautiful, eye-catching, and of high quality. To help you understand the best visual style, we've collected some data from popular Instagram images:
Blueish images receive 29% more 

Light tones receive 24% more likes than dark tones.

likes than red images.

Users prefer pictures with a high level of texture by 79%.

8.Configure an editorial calendar 

Consistently delivering content is a necessary condition for your Instagram success. Your audience expects you to post new content regularly. Brands publish content 1.5 times per day on average. Create an editorial calendar to keep up the pace without going insane.

Keep your calendar in special post-scheduling services for greater efficiency. They enable you to keep track of not only what and when to post, but also of the visuals, posts, and hashtags.

9.   Grow your follower base 

Make time to expand your audience and keep them interested. Following relevant influencers is one natural way to do so. For example, if you sell kitchen supplies, you should follow food bloggers, kitchen interior designers, and so on. Remember to interact with their content by liking their posts, leaving thoughtful comments, and sharing their stories.

Another option is to use hashtags, which can help you reach your target audience, attract followers, and increase engagement. Be cautious here – not all hashtags apply to your business. Millions of posts contain the most popular ones. As a result, you should opt for niche hashtags. You can find them on the accounts of your followers, competitors, and market leaders.

10.  Turn followers into customers 

An increase in vanity metrics, such as likes and comments, is good, but it has no direct impact on sales. As a result, focus on converting your followers into customers. Post promotional content, showcase new products, run teasers, and offer deals and discounts. Keep in mind to include calls to action in your promotional posts. Although you cannot include a link to your CTA in the publication, you can always encourage subscribers to click on the link in your bio.

Once you are understood with Instagram's marketing strategy, start applying it to your business and check its results day by day. Here are some additional tips for Instagram Marketing.

  • Embrace user-generated content
  • Share your Instagram posts on Facebook
  • Use stories and highlights
  • Collaborate with influencers
  • Launch an Instagram shop