Best Online Reputation Management (ORM) Company in Jaipur, Rajasthan

Do you face a multitude of negative posts and reviews, which ruin your online reputation? Online Reputation Management is a technique that is globally used by several businesses to maintain their reputation.

The Cogent is with an expert ORM team that can help you manage your brand/business identity on networking sites, the internet, and social media platforms and help your business get ranked on SERP. We are here with proactive service that helps create your business identity in the eyes of your clients or customers.


The days are gone where personal meetings were needed to grow the business. In today’s era, people use digital platforms & they will keep doing it. The internet can give your business authenticity and vast exposure. Today, the online presence of your business means a lot. Your business goodwill is judged on the online presence of your business.

Our expert ORM team efficiently manages the brand image online by eliminating negative reviews, comments and feedback to positive insights that promote the business’s reputation. Our team uses the best technique and process to remove negative comments and feedback and develop a positive business status. We help you in controlling & building your brand’s online reputation through different methods. We generate more positive opinions or reviews by publishing blogs, articles and social media microblogs. Our ORM team creates strategies and techniques to ensure that people get the legitimate and right information on the internet about your business product and services.

We have a team of search engine optimisation experts and experienced content writers that work together to protect and improve your brand/ business’s reputation.

Your valuable business image can be ruined by negative comments or review, misleading information. So Online Reputation Management is very necessary to maintain a good image over customers.

Objectives of Online Reputation Management

The following are the objectives of Online Reputation Management

  • To develop credibility among customers
  • It helps to remove negative content.
  • To manage company image.
  • To fruitfully grab the customer.
  • To improve your business search engine ranking
  • To give the correct information to the customer.

Why choose us for your brand’s ORM


Certified ORM experts

we have a certified ORM expert team. They have a vast knowledge of their field. They deliver top-notch ORM strategies to remove the negative impression from your business website.

Strategy development.png

Strategy development

our team follows unique result-driven methods to promote your business loyalty by removing negative reviews or content, resulting in the best lead conversion.


Best SEO Services

our ORM team follows a result-oriented digital marketing strategy that directly helps in ranking higher on SERP.


We offer competitive pricing

we deliver quality service to our clients at a reasonable price.

Build brand reputation

Build brand reputation

our expert ORM team focuses on removing negative content from your business website and replacing it with influential content that attracts the target audience.

What does an ORM Company do?

An ORM company uses strategies and various techniques to manage your online reputation. Negative comments, feedback and reviews of users can tarnish your goodwill in the existing market. That’s why companies opt for ORM Company as they can help your business to emerge from that issue. ORM Company helps to improve the status of your Company & your online reputation.

Our process for Online Reputation Management

There are countless steps that ORM companies prefer according to their strategies. We at The Cogent only consider the steps which are most important for the online reputation repair process.

The following is the process that we follow for Online Reputation Management.

Find out the problem

As like the doctors cannot examine the patients without knowing the root cause. Our expert Online Reputation Management team also first focuses on the cause or problem. We always first find the root cause and then solve the issue by creating unique and effective strategies.


After the cause is analysed, our team starts their research to find out any good point in the comment. If there is no good point in the comments, then we start to counter that with hard facts. If your customer mentions a negative point based on real facts, then we listen to them and provide the solutions.

Prompt action towards issue

If your company has any issue related to the online reputation, we deliver the immediate and right solutions. We optimise all electronic content like press releases, blogs and company websites. Our ORM and SEO expert work together with preventive measures to maintain your online business reputation.

Regular monitoring of online reputation

It is very important to monitor every activity of your brand online. Our expert team regularly monitors your online business reputation on different online platforms. We cut out negative content and enhance positive content. Our team takes immediate measures to restore your online business reputation.

Social Media Management

The most trending part of the digital era is social media. Many people are actively participating in social media channels. So it is important to manage your business reputation over social media also. Our ORM team works hard to detect the reasons that are causing damage to the reputation of your business. We efficiently manage your business social media handle and promote your business.